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Why PDF and tutorial does not have typescript?

Mansour Javaher 3 weeks ago • updated by Alexander Shvets 2 weeks ago 1

The website itself includes the typescript(free version) while the premium version does not include typescript examples. 

Or this is there and I don't know how to access it :) 

I would like to download offline(PDF) with TypeScript example instead of Java

Under review

Yeah, there's no TypeScript support in the refactoring course. While short examples are indeed translated into TypeScript  (you could see them on the public version of the site), the course contains interactive examples, which aren't in TypeScript, therefore there's no TypeScript in the language switcher.

The landing page of the course states that there's only PHP/Java/C# support in the course, and I'm sorry if you were confused. I think I can still issue a refund if you want.