[Translate] Japanese

石橋 隆平 3 years ago updated by Alexander Shvets 7 months ago 4

How can I help translate to Japanese?



Thanks for your offer! I'm not ready for another localization project at this very moment, but Japanese localization is the next on my list. There's a big chance that it'll happen in 2021. I'll contact you if/when this happens if you'll still be interested in helping out.

Thank you for creating the refactoring.guru website and for writing the content of the Design Patterns book, which was published in Japanese. It has been a valuable learning experience for me.

Is there any plan to translate the refactoring content into Japanese?

I would be interested in participating in the translation project.

I have experience in translating OSS documentation and I appreciate the content of Refactoring.guru and the translation work of Kuro Kurosaka.



Thanks for asking! I appreciate your interest in my work. As you probably know, the course is only available in English right now. I plan to translate it after I finish the second edition of the course. I don't want to waste translation effort on things that might change. I don't have any solid release dates yet. Still, note that if you order the course now, you will access the translated version once it's released.