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[詢問]重構的內容加入 JS / TS 語言

Andrea F 3 months ago updated by Alexander Shvets 3 months ago 3


如題:目前重構的部分有機會加入 JS / TS 語言嗎?

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I'm sorry for answering in English, my Chinese skills are very basic, besides I don't want to ridicule this great language with Google Translate (feel free to answer in Chinese, though, I'm able to understand your reply).

Thanks for asking! I plan to add the TypeScript version to the second edition of the refactoring course. This new edition will be available as a free upgrade to all existing customers. The release date is currently unknown as plenty of work still needs to be done. Besides, the recent events in my home country are hardly helping me focus on this front, unfortunately.

Still, please note that the course is language-agnostic, so you can apply all the gained knowledge to any OOP-focused programming language. Thus if you can read Java, C#, or PHP, you don't have to wait for the second edition.

As for the design patterns book, the book itself is language-agnostic; the code snippets given in the book are in pseudocode. However, the book comes with an archive containing examples in 9 programming languages, including TypeScript.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Hello Alexander,
Thanks for replying my question, I’m looking forward to the new edition in the near future, and I totally understand what you and your country have been going through, please take care and be safe. 



Thank you for the kind words!