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[Translate] Persian

Jafar Akhondali 2 years ago updated by Mohsen Hasan Nezhad 2 weeks ago 7
Hi, how can we start the translation of the website into Persian?
Under review


Thanks for the idea! The thing is, I have already exhausted the budget for making new localizations this year (there are 4 localizations in production right now). I'll consider making the Persian localization next year.

In the meantime, anyone who likes this idea, please put your +1

Have you thought about having the support of volunteers? especially from native speakers of uncommon languages.

I did, but integrating a localization still requires a lot of work, especially for an RTL language.

Hi Alexander,

I am interested in translating into Persian for this project. How can I get involved?
I can also create the necessary CSS version for the RTL version, so you can also support RTL languages.


I would like to help with the Persian translation. Is that possible?

Hi folks!

I'm sorry, but the new localizations are now on hold until I finish the second edition of the refactoring course. To be totally honest with you, I simply have too little time for anything else these days. The upcoming changes to the site infrastructure will also allow for easier translation collaboration.


I'm also volunteer for Persian translation. Whenever you wanted to start Persian translation, notify me. Glad to be a help 😁