Patterns examples in ES6

Carlos Cusi 2 months ago updated by Adrian Mróz 1 month ago 2
Hi there,

After so many time looking for a good resource source I can say your website s is the best. Thanks for the effort.

Because I think effort has to have a reward I bought your book. After a first read I can say I really appreciate it.

But as everybody knows nowadays everything has to evolve.

Surely a lot of people, like me, misses examples in EcmaScript 6 or later. The ES6 is a huge community and there a not many websites with design patterns. Furthermore, with examples more people will visit your webpage which means more chances to sell more book.

If you decide to do so don't forget to aware me. Thanks.



Hi Carlos!

Thanks for the idea! This is definitely an important task and it's in my plans. I have to tackle higher priority stuff first, though.

Hi, maybe community should post such examples then?
That would be great exercise.