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Ok, I see. Viewing the same problem under different angles helps to understand problem deeper. Thank you very much for your time :)

OK, I guess I'm understanding more of that. In the example which book provides the abstraction of remote controlling really suits well, but is it possible to think about it as a device controls are adapted to the user via remote controller? Instead of going to the device aka TV and switching it on/off we can do that via adapter aka remote control. Many thanks for your reply :)

EDITED: sometimes it's hard to get the real intention of a pattern based on the code read and no one around here that can explain these intentions (not working at the company anymore, etc)

Well, they are different patterns: one for structuring stuff, other for creating stuff. So in case of abstract factory you want to create a family of product. Bridge in other hand is for separating two hierarchies or product families that can evolve independently (nothing creating here, just structuring stuff). You can think of an abstract factory that produces two hierarchies that later can be combined by bridge or something like that (doesn't feel right but still possible :) )