Algorithms book

Sergio Bernal 5 years ago updated by Lukas Becker 5 years ago 3

Today I had this book on my hands. It's an amazing book, very easy to read.


The main problem is that it's quiet short, there are a lot of algorithms not covered.

Then I thought, would guru site had something about algorithms? I saw that not so here I am to propose some book for algorithms with real examples!


Have you tried geekforgeeks? They have a lot of algorithms explained. 

Personally, I think this site covers more software engineering topics than computer science topics. 

Both concepts are very related, and I think *.guru is about bringing learning value to software developers, and both concepts are really valuable stuff for all of us.

The key of *.guru is how the things are explained. And refactoring and design patterns are in geeksforgeeks as well, so you could avoid this and go directly to there.


How about a book about the most practical algorithms e.g. with real world examples when they can be useful. 

For example binary search has a good practical example because its basically what git bisect is.

Quick sort and merge sort for example are however not that practical to implement yourself (beside learning about them) since most of the time you either save the data ordered, use a data base query to order the data (which is using the most efficient combination of sorting algorithms anyway) or use a hash map which does not need to be sorted.

Those should still be covered just with the information why its mostly not necessary to implement them yourself.