Design Patterns Poster?

mwaddell 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 2

I'd like to purchase a poster of the design patterns to put up in my developers' offices to go along with the eBooks I'm buying for them.  Are you planning to make one available through your site or a site such as cafepress?  Thank you.



Thanks for the idea! I had a vague plan to make a poster someday, but since nobody explicitly asked for it, I didn't bother to actually do something about it. So, from now on the answer is "yes, I'm planning", but I guess not in the immediate future.


Great!  I would love to just have the contents of these 3 pages (the icons with brief descriptions organized into the 3 groups) on a poster that I can hang up by my developers' cubicles and in the conference room as good visual reminders and to have something to point to when we do code reviews.

Thanks for considering this!