Exercises - learn by doing

gillian bc 4 years ago updated by Jędrzej Krawczyk 3 years ago 2

Lots of people have already requested more exercises.  I find that the way to really learn a problem. Most courses/books have some sort of 'code along with me' example, but a learner needs some exercises to do from scratch.  (The Wrox books used to be particularly good at this).  These exercises take time to think up and put together, so you could ask other people to submit exercises and sample solutions for each pattern, much like the Codewars site has user collaboration for the content.


Thanks for the suggestion and examples, Gillian! I'll keep this in mind for future versions of design patterns content. I'm fond of the exercies as well.

It will be great if in book we would find exercises for each design pattern. It would make book more worthable. I join to fillian bc with request.