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Design patterns in C also needed please

Rohan Majumdar 4 years ago updated by 수프핫 2 years ago 4

Since you have covered all basic languages. Why not also add patterns for C language!

Under review

I'm not sure it's doable, since C is not an OOP language. If anyone has ideas on how this can be accomplished, please let me know.

I do see a place for a similar language such as Go to have design patterns applied to it; but trying to

squeeze these into C through, probably, using structs seems like could some additional complexity.

If you have choice of language Golang is a good alternative to C, as methods can be associated with

structured types, providing some room for design patterns to fit.

Sorry, I just noticed that there are already design patterns for the Golang language.https://refactoring.guru/design-patterns/go