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Is Insider Trader the same code smell as Inappropriate Intimacy?

Pedro La Rosa D. 3 years ago updated by Alexander Shvets 3 years ago 1
Hello, Everyone, I've just completed the Dive Into Refactoring course (it was AWESOME!) and now I'm supplementing my learning with the new edition of Fowler's Refactoring.

Fowler in his new books has changed the name of some code smells and some refactoring techniques and sometimes it is confusing but reading carefully you'd finally figure out which is the equivalent. but there is a particular case of one of the code smells that he named "Insider Trading" that seem to be very similar to Inappropriate Intimacy but I'm not 100%.

Does anyone know if there are any differences between them or if they're the same?

Thank you so much!

Under review

Hi Pedro!

Yeah, I think "Insider Trading" is an alias for "Inappropriate Intimacy". I'll be updating the names and synonyms in the refactoring section soon.