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Whats the main difference between feature envy and inappropriate intimacy?

Pedro La Rosa D. 3 года назад обновлен 3 года назад 2
Hello, I've reread about Feature Envy and Unapropriate Intimacy code smells many times comparing both to see the differences.

These two code smells are soo similar each other and I can't see the actual differences between them.  I'm a little bit stock with this topic.

Can anyone explain it to me, please?

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I think this answers the question perfectly: https://stackoverflow.com/a/23311968

Fine, OK. I think I got it. 

Unapropriate Intimacy is about a class consuming data that should be encapsulated from another class.

and Feature envy is about a class that mainly uses another class' public data in its methods.

Am I right?

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