Small fix on Brazilian Portuguese translation

Rafael Nascimento Sampaio 3 years ago updated by Alexander Shvets 3 years ago 1
Hi guys, 
I was reading the Dive into design patterns in Brazilian Portuguese when I noticed that the car engine example given in the encapsulation session could use a better wording.

In the example you guys talk about how we do not need to know the inside out of the engine to start it, but in the translation the word "começar" was used to translate "start", and while on some contexts it made sense, in this is off.

We Brazilians would use the term "ligar" or "dar partida", as in "turn it on" or "start it up", "começar" is often used for acts like build something (a house, a article, or something else) or a human activity like run, play a game, but isn't associated with objects.

We do not start ovens, cars, boats, phones, computers, we brazilians "turn them on" so we can "use it". So the wording start while correct in English is a bit off in Brazilian Portuguese. If possible would be nice to change "Para começar um motor de carro..." to "Para ligar um motor de carro...".

The word "Ligar" in portuguese has some meanings, like "Turn it on" on objects and electricity, "Call" as in phone calls, "Connect" as in connect the dots to name a few.


Thank you for the detailed explanation, Rafael! It helped me to fix this without involving an editor. I'll publish the fix shortly. If you find anything else, please let me know!