Good knowledge collection!

Victor Dorneanu 3 years ago updated by Alex Shvets 3 years ago 2
I just wanted to give a shout-out to "Design Patterns" and its author! Having read quite a lot about "Clean Code/Architecture", "Hexagonal Architecture", "DDD" etc. I was surprised by the good explanations you can get in this "tiny " book. I guess your definitions and explanations might be the better ones to use when dealing with these topics for the very first time. 


Oh... I didn't finish my comment :D I also liked the analogies you use for explaining the design patterns. And also big thanks for providing code examples for the most known programming languages (I do lots of stuff in Golang). This way I can also teach others by having good diagramms, explanations which design pattern should be used in which situation.

Thanks a lot! 


Thank you for the feedback, Victor! I'm glad that you like my work.