Design Patterns: association question

Bruno De angeli 3 года назад обновлен Alexander Shvets 3 года назад 1


I have one quick question: in page 22 the following example appears

class Professor is
   field Student student 
   method teach(Course c) is
      // ...

you mention that:

If someone changes the getKnowledge method of the Course class (alters its name, or adds some required parameters, etc.) our code will break. This is called a dependency.
We can say for sure that the Student class is also a dependency for the Professor

just to clarify, another way to express it could it be?

- Professor is dependant of Course ?

- Professor is dependant of Student ?

sorry: english is not my primary language that's why I need to clarify it that way, it's correct?


Yeah, that's correct (with a minor correction):

Professor is dependent on Course

Professor is dependent on Student

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