Refactoring book/course

David Gomes 2 years ago updated by Alexander 2 years ago 1
Hi there!
Just wanted to tell you that this book is fantastic!

It shows intuitive changes, easy to understand, which most of us are never aware of.
I've read Clean Code before, and it was pretty nice, and I must say yours is amazing too, especially since you go into the detail of payoff/why/drawbacks etc, making sure it's 100% understandable.

I do have a complain though! When I'm reading on the website, with the "similar refactor to" and "relates to", I end up opening like 5 tabs and getting too caught up! Who is going to do the work for me? Aghrrr 😆

Great job done here, worth every penny. 😉

Thanks, David! I'm glad that you enjoy the content. Please let me know if you have any questions.