Amazing book!

CarbonHeartDev 2 года назад обновлен Alex Shvets 2 года назад 1

Yours is one of the best programming books I have ever heard, as someone which is working in creating educational material I can clearly notice how many attention to detail you put. Everything is explained in a very clear but never overly verbose way and the illustrations are a funny addition to the book.
I should have read this years ago, in my first years as a programmer I wanted to learn design patterns but a coworker advised me to steer clear of the GoF book and read "Head First: Design Patterns", head first approach can be great for many but it's too verbose for me and I ended up forgetting about the book when just a month later I was transfered from back-end to front-end. With your book instead I was able to learn the GoF design patterns very quickly without getting bored or losing interest on the material.

Thank you! I'm glad that my book was to your liking!

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