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Which design patterns are used for the SOLID principles

Lars Lemmens 2 lat temu Ostatnio zmodyfikowane przez Alex Shvets 2 lat temu 1

I have a question,

I need to learn the Strategy, Observer, Decorator, Factory, Singleton, Adapter, Facade, Template and State patterns.
Now we are asked which SOLID design principles are used for each of these patterns with an explanation. I looked for a while on the internet but can't find anything useful.

Is there someone who can give me an answer to this?
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If applicable, most of the patterns described in my book would contain one of the SOLID principles in the Pros & Cons section. At the same time, it was not my goal to view each pattern through the prism of SOLID. I only pointed out the most obvious features that stand out. I believe there might be no clear answer to your question. The patterns and the SOLID principles had been invented independently. But with a good understanding of the SOLID principles, you would be able to answer both questions—why some of the principles are relevant to a pattern, and why the rest aren't.