About the star ratings in the code example catalog

James Ma hace 2 años actualizado por Alexander hace 2 años 2

First of all, I want to thank you for the great content.

I am relatively new to programming(started studying a year ago, and have been working professionaly for about 2 months now.).

While I was reading the pattern code examples in the Code Examples tab, I had trouble understanding what the star ratings beside each pattern titile mean. Are they supposed to stand for how important each pattern is? Or are they supposed to stand for how difficult each pattern is? 

For developers with some experience this might be more clear, but I assume there would be newbies(?) just like me wondeiring about the same issue. 

I believe specifying what the ratings stand for could help people understand how difficult/important each pattern is, and also help them decide in which order they should/would study the patterns. 

Again, the content is super great. Thank you for the effort and quality. 

Wish you all the best.

The stars mean how popular the pattern is. 


Yes, that's correct, stars mean popularity by the most accurate metric I have — my experience (lol). However, until today, there were some glitches in the Korean version, and the stars didn't appear there correctly, maybe that was a source of confusion.