Visuals and images(design question)

Aykerim hace 2 años actualizado por Alexander Shvets hace 2 años 1
Hi!I have a question, it maybe weird to ask but I have an attention deficiency and also some memory problems and your visuals help me in so many ways to remember the concepts!I would want to organize my own notes in some similar visualization concepts (pictures, visuals, tables )and etc.Could you please let me know what software do you use to create those?Or any tutorials I could use to help me organize my own notes in tables and pictures and etc.Thanks, your content is so helpful to me!



Thanks for asking! I used OmniGraffle (sadly, only available on macOS) with heavily customized UML stencils for most diagrams. The illustrations (comic strips, etc.) were initially drawn by hand and then vectorized in Inkscape.

Best of luck!