Refactoring - Replace Temp with Query - Isn't it an issue when debugging ?

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Hi, and thanks for this site. 

About "Replace Temp with Query", doesn't it pollute the debugging process ? How do you minimize the issues with that ? 




"Replace Temp with Query" is often an interim step in larger refactoring efforts aimed at simplifying and improving the design of the code. By replacing temporary variables with queries, you're not only making the code more modular but also preparing it for further refactorings that can significantly enhance its readability and maintainability. In this context, any initial increase in complexity or debugging difficulty is temporary and strategic.

As you progress with further refactorings, such as "Extract Method" or "Inline Method," the overall structure of the code becomes cleaner and more coherent, ultimately simplifying the debugging process. To minimize interim issues, focus on incremental testing and refactoring in small steps, ensuring each change preserves the functionality and improves the codebase's navigability.