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适配器c++用例代码有错误,Adapter *adapter = Adapter(adaptee); 编译失败

ZhAwen 4 years ago updated by hustacle 4 years ago 2

Adapter *adapter = Adapter(adaptee);


Adapter adapter = Adapter(adaptee);

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Sorry, I'm not a C++ developer, but when I try to compile your version, I get this error:

main.cc:87:11: error: no viable conversion from 'Adapter *' to 'Adapter'
Adapter adapter = new Adapter(adapted);

Any advice? I'm using Apple clang version 12.0.0


我没编过你说的这段代码,不过按我的理解,你可以试试 Adapter adapter(adaptee); 或 Adapter *adapter = new Adapter(adaptee);