I'm unable to place an order because of errors.

We're very sorry to hear that. There are several known problems that prevent people from completing their orders.

If you see the "Payment Authorization Failed" error on the last step of checkout, it probably caused by the following reasons:

- Insufficient funds or payment limit on the card

- The card is not set up for international/overseas transactions

- The card is in a different currency and automatic currency conversion is disabled by the issuing bank

- The card issuing bank has rejected the transaction

Unfortunately, these incidents almost always related to the card issuing bank, and we don't have much info about the declined transactions. The cardholder bank simply does not expose any info to our payment gateway.

If you're not sure what to do, please open your bank account statement and check recent activity on your card. It should have a failed pre-authorization transaction related to your purchase attempt. Depending on your bank, it might have all info about why the transaction was unsuccessful, otherwise, you have to contact the bank and ask them why the recent transaction was declined.

Once you've figured out the reason for the problem and fixed it, please a new order and hope for the best.

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