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Hi Bruno!

Thanks, that's a good question! In most languages I'm aware of, an interface can not contain fields. I think the main goal of interfaces in Typescript was to ensure type safety in a wild variety of possible JavaScript objects, rather than implement or enforce any of the OOP concepts.


I'm sorry for answering in English, my Chinese skills are very basic, besides I don't want to ridicule this great language with Google Translate.

Thanks for asking! I appreciate your interest in my work. As you probably know, the course is only available in English right now. I plan to translate it after I finish the second edition of the course. I don't want to waste translation effort on things that might change.

Unfortunately, the second edition is still in production and there's a lot of work still to be done. I don't have any solid release dates yet, but I think this edition may be ready sometime in 2022. 

Hi Marko!

Hm, what do you define under "portability"?


Спасибо за ваш отзыв, рад, что вам понравилась книга.

Для паттренов, примеры на TS уже есть. На счёт Dart пока не уверен, появятся ли. Для рефакторинга примеров на TS/Dart нет, но TS версия появится во второй редакции курса (даты выхода пока неизвестны).

Thank you for the feedback, Victor! I'm glad that you like my work.

Здесь под "расширенным" имеется в виду "реализованный" тем или иным образом.

Hi Bruno!

Implementation is established between interfaces/abstract classes and concrete classes which implement the specific behavior (please check the Encapsulation part in the "Pillars of OOP" chapter for details).

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Здравствуйте, Владислав! К сожалению, пока что курс всё ещё работе. Мои изначальные анонсы делались ещё в пре-ковидные месяцы, с того времени очень много что поменялось и сроки изрядно сдвинулись.

Hi Karol!

Yes, I plan to add the TypeScript support, but only after I finish the second edition of the course (no release date is known yet).